No more hard to find addresses

How it Began

Like all good ideas, Locpin was created from necessity. The father and son creators, Rob and Guy Davenport, lived in a house that was beautifully remote, but impossible to find. According to digital maps, the Davenport family home was simply a gate in the middle of an empty green field. In fact, the postcode could have been anything up to a mile from their front door. This meant that most delivery drivers simply hadn’t a clue where they lived. Parcel upon parcel would remain undelivered, with the Davenports becoming increasingly frustrated.

Rob can remember giving one delivery driver countless directions on the phone, only to watch him from their house on the hill driving back and forth past the driveway and finally driving away in frustration – without delivering the package. Rob and Guy became convinced there must be an easier way of using technology to show exactly where they lived. A prototype was built in the Davenport’s back bedroom and the idea for Locpin was born!


Meet The Team


Guy Davenport, Managing Director & Co-Founder

Developing technology to help you manage and share your most important locations has become Guy’s mission. For several years he worked as a business analyst for Oxford Instruments, a company famous for inventing the MRI scanner. Since then he’s become Locpin’s technical master - along with his role as managing director.


Rob Davenport, Inventor & Co-Founder

Rob is Locpin’s technical inventor. A consultant with 35 years experience in the IT industry, he’s been involved in many projects across the world where he’s seen the positive impact of clever technology. Rob is passionate about solving real world problems with technological innovation. 


Bryan Winch, Sales & Marketing Director

Having worked as a director for one of Europe’s largest supermarket fresh produce suppliers, Bryan has a strong track record of delivering increased sales and profitability. He’s also worked for some of the biggest supermarkets, including M&S and Sainsbury’s. All this means Bryan has a keen understanding of customer needs. 


Clive Beharrell, Chairman

As chairman, Clive delivers and supports Locpin’s business strategy and growth. Clive has a strong track record in building entrepreneurial businesses, both as founder and chairman, a career path that began in the ’80s when he established a multi-brand, multichannel business which was sold to the Burton Group in 1997.