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How does it work?

A locpin is based on precise co-ordinates, so you can define your exact location to within a few metres. Once you’ve created your account, you can add all sorts of information to help delivery drivers find your location without a hitch. 

You can even let them know if you have a preferred safe place to leave your package. 

The best thing is you create this information just the once and then share it with anyone you want, from your local taxi company or favourite takeaway to the big delivery companies - anyone who's bringing you something important.

Locpin uses your email address, and optionally your mobile number, as a personal identifier to make it easy to share your Locpin details with others. 

How do I create a Locpin?

Anyone, anywhere can create a Locpin in three simple steps for free:
(1) Set your precise location on the map.
(2) Add any helpful delivery instructions. 
(3) Register your account & you’re done!

Who can see my information?

It’s completely up to you.
When you create your Locpin, we automatically set it to private.
You’ll always have control over who can see your details.

It goes without saying that we take handling your personal information very seriously.
read our privacy policy for more information about privacy.
If you have any questions, do get in touch via our
contact page.

Can I set a locpin anywhere?

Yes – because it’s based on latitude and longitude coordinates, you can even create a locpin for places that don’t have a postcode or formal address.

Can a single location have more than one locpin?

Yes, because a locpin is unique to its owner – not the location.

If you share your address with others, you can all have a locpin with the same position but manage your own details like phone and email individually.

How do I share my locpin?

Easy. You can share your locpin using just your email or phone number!

There’s no need to remember any randomised code or unique ID, making life much more simple for everyone. People or businesses who want to look-up your location probably already have your contact details.

Of course you can share your unique Locpin code too. It’s only six characters long so is great for sharing on social media, or with good old-fashioned pen and paper. 

How do I find another locpin?

You can discover someone’s locpin by searching here. You can search by locpin code, or the email / phone number associated with the locpin.

Remember though, it depends on the privacy settings of the Locpin as to who’ll be able to see the detail. If the Locpin you search for is private, you will not be able to see any info. As a registered user, it is possible to request permission to view a private Locpin.

Can I have more than one Locpin

Yes - You can have up to three locpins for free. We understand that people often have more than one location that is important to them, such as their home or office. Anywhere that’s important to you can have a locpin.

Are my details secure?

Your details are secure. When you create a locpin it is private by default. 

We set up locpin with customer privacy at it’s heart, so when it comes to personal data, you are in control.  

It will not appear on any public searches on this website and they will never be available via search engines, such as google.

Registered users, including businesses, can request permission to view your Locpin, and you can then decide if you want to share it with them.

Our secure site is SSL-encrypted and uses  data encryption and other security measures to make sure that your information is safe.

I was invited to sign up to Locpin by a delivery business. Does this mean they will have access to my Locpin details?

Yes – our aim is to make your delivery process trouble free. So we do provide access to your Locpin details, but other businesses do not keep your details. 

If you were invited to create a locpin by a specific delivery business, we will share your locpin record with that delivery business, as it will help your delivery. However, if another business wanted to access your locpin they would have to first ask for your permission. You are in control.

Does Locpin only work in the UK?

No, Locpin can work anywhere in the world. We’ve started with a focus on the UK, as this is where we're based, but we are looking to expand and have big plans.

Is this just for deliveries, what about returns or collections?

You can also use Locpin for returning your goods too. In fact you can use Locpin for any situation that requires someone to find your location quickly and efficiently. 

I really like what you're up to, are you interested in partnerships?

We're always on the hunt for great businesses to partner with. Our platform is designed to integrate with almost any other software you might be using. If we don't have the right connections, we'll build them. 

If you're interested in partnerships, or working together to make your business more in tune with your customers' delivery preferences, get in touch now via our Contact Us page today!